Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This guy was my personal favorite. I was always partial to the bad guy's second in command. I dunno why.


// SPM said...

i totally agree. although nappa wasnt as cool as vegeta. DOOOORK

Josh said...

Fuck yes. But didn't you hate how much of a coward he was? He was always running around trying to stab megatron in the back. He'd sacrifice the safety and security of his comrades to secure himself a higher position. If I was to pick a favorite decepticon it would probably be... Soundwave. He was a giant tape deck plus he had two more smaller robots inside him. Casette tapes+robots=teh awesome. Best Transfomer ever... GRIMLOCK!

'Lil Ric said...

Starscream's cowardice wasn't his best attribute. I did admire his ambition and his ruthlessness. Plus without him Megatron would transform into a gun and just kind of sit there with nobody to fire him.

Plus it was so totally badass when he showed up in Beast Wars.

Josh said...

I don't mean to nit pick here but lets just point out that megatron could fire himself or be fired by cobra commander. Plus, think of how cool Soundwave would have looked firing megatron. Or better yet, OPTIMUS PRIME!

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