Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Zinefest was a really good time! I'd like to especially thank Anna, King Mini, and Sarah for making it memorable! See you all at MIX!

This is a piece I did for Spring Con back in May, to liven up my table: the cast of the books I was selling, hangin' out.They are, from left to right, the goblin, that angry bird who thought his cigarettes went missing, Frankenstein's monster, Waltar, Godzilla, Prrty Good, Martin, Fientje, Max, Cassie, the skull guy who allegedly stole the bird man's cigs, Taylor, Nosferatu, Amy (holding Marla), the STOOPID PIG, alien prison officer, and Cthulhu.


THE BEATY said...

can't wait for Mix. first issue of new adventures of alan moore is almost done

Sarah Morean said...

Thanks, Eric! Glad you were a part of Zinefest this year. MIX is going to rock!

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